Elect Ron Weifenbach for Rapid City Mayor

My decision to seek election for Mayor of Rapid City is based on my desire and ability to help others.  My phone rings several times every week because someone needs my help to navigate City Hall.  Public service and a strong commitment to the community are part of my daily life. 

My family and I have lived in Rapid City for over 50 years.  I graduated from Rapid City Central High School and earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Black Hills State University in Business and Accounting.  I currently hold a CPA (inactive) license and an MBA from Chadron State College.  I served in the South Dakota Army National Guard for 8 years and served 4 terms as a Rapid City Common Council Alderman.  I have had the opportunity to serve on management teams for large corporations and currently own my own business.

I clearly understand the differences between government and the private sector.  There are efficiencies and opportunities in both that must be balanced.  I will prioritize these opportunities and apply the most efficient process to give the citizens efficient and effective public services.  My private sector and government experience give me a unique viewpoint.  As your Mayor, I want to bring this viewpoint to city hall.  With a positive and innovative approach we can deliver public services effectively and efficiently while at the same time having a great experience.


Ron Weifenbach’s track record while serving the citizens of Rapid City is solid and proven.  Working together with other council members, some of his accomplishments are:
  • Rigorously advocated for citizen and business concerns across the city to accomplish their goals and bring resolution to their concerns
  • Led the charge to reopen the landfill on Saturdays 
  • Partnered with The School of Mines and the business community to promote the fostering of home grown business in Rapid City
  • Business Development throughout the community
  • Secured vital water rights from Pactola Reservoir and Rapid Creek
  • Swim Centers, Splash Centers, Recreational Pools, Ice Rink
  • Main Street Square, Downtown Improvement
  • Girls Softball Fields, Tennis Courts, Soccer Fields and Hiking and Biking Trails
  • Brought online a new Water Treatment plant 


City infrastructure in our community continues to be put under stress from growth and needed repairs.

The current condition of our streets is subpar.   The growth in the community is demanding a need for future infrastructure such as streets, water, and sewer to get in front of the growth curve to aid in meeting the needs for future housing and business opportunities.  City council members will be involved by identifying two streets in their ward that need repaired now.  We will work together to fix them and then repeat the process year after year.  We will work to improve snow removal and street maintenance simply by prioritizing money and providing the tools needed to make it happen.

Safety in our community is a growing concern, as are addressing the issues that come with a growing community.

Citizens need to find sanctuary in the comfort of their homes and neighborhoods.  It is important that people can enjoy parks, public places, and their favorite venues all while feeling welcome and safe.  As we face the increase in mental illness and Homelessness, we will build stronger ties with the county and state to address this issue with a clear understanding of all sides of the issue with a compassionate yet accountable approach. 

The rapid growth and expected growth of our community has put pressure on housing prices and monthly rental costs. 

Hard working citizens in our community are finding it harder and harder to cover the cost of living in our city.  The landfill and city sewer lines continue to near capacity.   I believe in being proactive instead of reactive. 

There are a lot of dollars available in private, no strings attached, grant funding for arts, culture and social non-profits.  The grant department will be utilized to work with these non-profits to become more efficient and less dependent on taxpayer dollars. 

I completely understand our citizens have different interests and viewpoints that are important to each of us.  On some issues we all share a common interest, on other issues we differ.   As Mayor I will bring interested parties together and sincerely listen and respect these positions.  Working together we will strive to find solutions.

On June 6 2023 vote for Ron Weifenbach
for Rapid City Mayor